was based during the colonial period in Singapore when it was under the British rule; and what better place to shoot the movie than the place in which it was set. But the movie which brought Singapore to the limelight as one of the happening places to shoot Hollywood movies was Saint Jack. Based on the novel by the same name by Paul Theroux, it is directed by American Peter Bogdanovich depicting the life of a pimp in Singapore. However some of the places where the movie was shot like the Empress Place hawker centre is now no more and was demolished a few years after the completion of the movie.

Movies like King Rat and Paradise Road belong to the genre of war movies which was based on the aftermath of the Second World War. King Rat talks of the plight of the prisoners of war who were of European origin and were held in the prison camps of Malaysia, in the middle of the tropical forests braving the incessant rain, mosquitoes and other tropical diseases. Singapore offered the perfect setting because of the similarity in geographical features and climatic conditions of the other Southeast Asian countries which were not accessible to the Hollywood production houses. With a subtropical rainforest climate with high humidity and abundant amount of rainfall, it was not difficult for the film makers to convince the viewers back home that the forests of Singapore were not the forests of Vietnam, Malaysia or Sumatra. Movies like Rogue Trader highlight the metropolitan life of Singapore and what the city has to offer to the high society people – gambling, the vibrant night life and the suave culture.

It is no doubt that Singapore has established itself as a major centre of attraction for Hollywood biggies and in the years to come by it is just going to get more popular with a steady increase in the demand for movies which brags of exotic scenery.