If safety and security of your data and other information is very important and you remain worried about its leakage to your competitors in Singapore, you must see to it that data remains protected and its safety and security is not compromised at any cost if you are using online accounting software. Many people buy online Singapore accounting software to manage accounting but repent later only to find that the system is not a perfect foil for their peculiar requirement. Insist on getting online accounting software that has been customized and personalized to be tailor made for your business requirements. Also insist on a training period so that your staff can learn to operate the system smoothly and without any help.

Last, but not the least, check on after sales service and backup support. What happens when there is a snag and your company is stuck waiting for the problem to be removed? Is the vendor approachable on phone or email? Only after getting clear answers on all these points should you finalize the accounting software in Singapore.