Every people deal with anger differently. Some are easily provoked and tend to be violent while some are good enough to keep their anger minimal and under control. If in this case you are the type of person that is easily provoked and tends to be violent, you should seriously think about anger management. Anger management should be considered so that you will know how you can keep it under control. Failure to address your anger issues will lead to serious things in the future. Here are ways you can deal with your anger and control it:

Be attentive of warning signs. You of all people know when you are angry. You should pay attention to your warning signs so that you can control it. Anger is a physical response that goes along with physical manifestations like pounding heart, apprehensive, breathing faster, headaches, etc. Once you feel that you will burst out, find in your heart to avoid people, places and situations that can further aggravate it.

Take time to cool down. If you feel that you are about to fume, you should consider cooling down techniques like counting, massaging or stretching and exercising. Sometimes counting 1 to 10 and breathing deeply can help you. Stretching or massaging can help calm and relax the body. Exercising will distract you and make you busy.

Keep calm and express yourself. After doing cooling down techniques, you should express why you are on the verge of anger. This is good because other people around you will know thereby avoiding such circumstance or situation.

Think before you speak or act. Thinking before speaking or acting is important. Sometimes when you are too angry, you do or speak demeaning things. When you are in the right mind, you regret it whatever it is that you have done. Regrets can be avoided if you think first.