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Science itself is most likely not the only and best answer to our problems. The advancement of science can also be attributed to organizations such as nasa, the world renowned institution for astrology and science. The combined wealth of the 7 richest people in the world is greater than the sum of the GDP of the developing nations, in response to the United Nations. The basis reason for poverty and food shortages worldwide doesn’t lie with science however lies with inequity in revenue distribution. There’s sufficient meals to feed the 6 billion individuals on this planet currently. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act or commonly known as foi science, the availability of information about science and technology has increased many times over. A lot of the accessible meals is channeled to the rich developed nations and hundreds of thousands of tones of meals are wasted every year in these countries which might fulfill the starvation of ravenous African children.

Science could provide an answer nevertheless it might be simpler to deal with these problems at its root cause. There have been many awareness campaigns done for such issues, and websites are commonly needed to spread the word faster. Using blogger templates for your website attracts more people to read about the situation. Holding on to the notion that science will sooner or later create an ideal world blinds us to the fact that there are other methods of solving issues and thus may not lead us to right the many imperfections in the world today. In some instances where information is blocked through the blocking of websites such as Facebook and myspace, we can still stay abreast of information through myspace proxy. The internet gives us instant up to date information through social media and word of mouth, thus it is a great tool to the advancement of science. Singapore has one of the largest concentration of people suffering from myopia. Thanks to the fact that many of them in the country work on computers for more than 5 hours, many opt for lasik Singapore to fix their eyesight problems. Science has enabled such advancements to improve our lives, and we definitely look forward to better inventions to improve our lives. There was a patient who suffered from high astigmatism and myopia. After going for lasik surgery in Singapore, he was then able to with his new found vision.

Science can definitely be a blessing for those who use it well, and if used for the greater good, it can improve the lives of many. It inspired him to live like those in futurama, who have perfect vision as science advanced to a stage where it was possible. Being able to see without glasses allowed him to shop for bridesmaid dresses in Singapore with his girlfriend, who was about to become a bridesmaid for her best friend, who was going to get married in Singapore very soon. Science could create other issues in itself. The proliferation of nuclear weapons started out from the invention of nuclear technology. Although science itself seeks to solve problems, scientists may not have total management in the finest way their discoveries are used and the discovery of know-how may inevitably result in other problems unexpected by the discoverer. In the United Kingdom, there have been many cases of people being sold payment protection insurance at unjustified prices, or sold it when they did not need it or cover their needs. Therefore, claims abound in UK, and the good thing about it is that the success rate of getting the claims honored is very high. Science is prone to be used as a political tool to threaten other much less technologically superior countries to present in to their demands. Worse still, military science is prone to be used to wage terrible wars and cause devastating harm to denizens of the world. Many have sought after in order to delve deeper into researching and getting more information about how to overcome the daily cost of living.

These financial help has helped many smart individuals live a better life. Science is not the ultimate answer to things, and especially in topics such as getting pregnant. There have been many pregnancy miracle occurring when science was not able to get the woman to conceive, and that is one of the many exceptions. From the beginning of time, being able to conceive is an issue that many women have fretted over, and although today science is able to alleviate many of those factors, it is still not the ultimate answer. Getting pregnant is not as straightforward as something like transferring music from your ipod, whereby using software, one is able to transfer your music from one technological device to another. If you do not want to simply listen to music that others create and want to create your own, try out sonic producer, which is a beat production software that music lovers can use to create amazing musical beats in less than 60 minutes flat. Thanks to the advancement of technology and science, we are able to create great enjoyment products that enhance our lives. However, if used in the wrong way, science can be detrimental for humans. Thanks to the use of themes, many are able to create sites about negatives things that happened in the past, which science has contributed to. One doesn’t must look far past the current 1945 to witness the horrors that a single nuclear bomb can wreck on an entire nation. Until now, it is a global mission to stop mass destruction which is hastened by science, and many flags for sale online are used to represent that cause. Thus, stubborn faith in science would possibly result in the creation of other issues that threaten the very survival of the human race.

Pursuing an ideal world by means of science alone is myopic. Science shouldn’t be the key to true happiness in an utopia. Science can provide comfort and higher standards of dwelling however are folks truly comfortable in this modernized world? One good use of science is the creation of the log splitter It has hastened the process of log splitting for firewood, and in this sense, science has helped the community. Science just isn’t and cannot be used to fulfill Maslow’s hierarchy of needs at the highest levels. Purpose and sense of achievement is one thing that each individual should find for themselves. Sticking to science will only make the world extra materialistic and erode fundamental values of morality. To average out the effect of science, music can be used. You can learn how to play guitar though guitar scales, which are meant to give you training and help you to master the art of playing guitar easily. Dwelling in an ideal world created by science is delusional, which is why we have to take breaks often and play some music. One other example of how science helps people is through a safe. Without one, it is not hard to see how it can be dangerous in the house if you have a pistol, but you only keep it in your cupboard. Family members, especially young ones who venture into your rooms and take your pistol out to play thinking that it is a toy gun, can run into danger. If you use the telephone, you will know the type of convenience that it can bring. It is thanks to the invention of the telephone all the way back, that communication has become so easy. As with everything, there are two sides to a coin, but reverse phone lookup helps to alleviate the negative aspects. If you experience any prank calls, it helps you to find the name and address of the person. This allows you to pin point the exact person who disturbed your peace.

In conclusion, science may resolve many technical problems confronted by man on a everyday foundation but different difficult social and political points that concern the conflict of views between nations, communities and races cannot be resolved simply by science alone. For those who love science and want to study medicine which is relating to it, being a technician is a great career prospect. Due to the aging population in many parts of the world, pharmacy technicians are well in demand. Science in the end seeks an understanding of our pure world but doesn’t present insights to human relationships and interactions. If there is anyone who has a problem is getting funding for their study loan, banks are a good place to get the finances you need. Regarding science, failing to acknowledge this reality is akin to a scientist caught in his ivory tower attempting to control the world. Anarchy may ensue instead as man alienates himself from his very people. To gain better understanding of science around the world, read science news daily to keep abreast of the latest advancements in science and many more. Science post scientific web directory continues to give you the best information for science related subjects around the world.