To secure finances for your business plan keep the following guidelines in mind:

1. Have a vision: Write your business plan in such a manner that truly reflect what you are planning to do in the future & what you are expecting to get from it. Before you start going into all the niity gritties of a business give people something where they can actually visualize the future of your business.
2. Have a sound but realistic budget & forecast: Make a sound budget & financial forecasts after thoroughly studying market conditions, economic scenarios, factors which can affect the business in future etc.
3. Be prepared to take risks: Be prepared to risks if necessary but unnecessary risk taking must be avoided.
4. Get another view: Even the most experienced business people can benefit from opinions of other people. So don’t be shy in asking people who understands these things about their opinion.
5. Write some unique thing in your business plan: try to write things in your business plan which will set you apart from others. But don’t go overboard with them.
6. Stick to the plan: No matter what happens stick to your plan but be flexible to make adjustments at the same time.
Type of finances for a business can be external or internal. External finance for the business is generated from outside the business (e.g. business loan) & internal finance is generated from within the business itself (e.g. cash from sales). There can also be short term, medium term & long term finances for a business. One has to decide which type of finance is required for his business & make plans accordingly.