When you go for shared web hosting in Singapore, you are not told about the amount of RAM and the processing speed you will get. Also the resources that are available at one’s disposal in shared web hosting are lesser than one gets with VPS/dedicated web hosting. Unless one requires full root access, shared Singapore web hosting is perhaps the most ideal and most cost effecting way of having an online presence. This suits both the website owners as well as the web host as all the resources of a server get divided among sites as per their requirement and the owners, instead of having to pay for the whole server now pay only a fraction of its cost or fees. For example, the cost of the web hosting server gets divided by 300 (or as many sites are there to use the resources of the server) to make the charges extremely affordable and down to earth.

This is like sharing a flat by many persons when taking it on rent. Now instead of a single person paying the rent, the rent gets divided by the number of people making use of it as all of them get a chance to use the resources of the flat. What a cool way to save more and spend less for online web hosting in Singapore, this is the fruit of research and development in server environments.