Financial structure or capital structure of a company is a mix of types of debts & equities the company has at any point of time. It is shown on a balance sheet. A company balance sheet must clearly show the debts the company owes to others & also the sources of revenues the company has generated in a particular financial period. In order to create an accurate financial structure examine all incomes, financial statements & review them carefully. Take all the income figures, add them up & put them in the plus column. Now add any other income connected with the business with this figure. Now take expenses & put them in individual categories such as debts, payroll, marketing, overhead, equipment etc. Now tally up these expenses & put them in the minus column. Now tally the pluses & minuses to see if your business is earning profit or making losses. An accurate financial structure will also help in formulating business future business strategies apart from securing finances for the business. An accurate financial structure will also let you know about the financial health of the business so that you can take necessary corrective measures in that regard.