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Science itself is most likely not the only and best answer to our problems. The advancement of science can also be attributed to organizations such as nasa, the world renowned institution for astrology and science. The combined wealth of the 7 richest people in the world is greater than the sum of the GDP of the developing nations, in response to the United Nations. The basis reason for poverty and food shortages worldwide doesn’t lie with science however lies with inequity in revenue distribution. There’s sufficient meals to feed the 6 billion individuals on this planet currently. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act or commonly known as foi science, the availability of information about science and technology has increased many times over. A lot of the accessible meals is channeled to the rich developed nations and hundreds of thousands of tones of meals are wasted every year in these countries which might fulfill the starvation of ravenous African children.

Science could provide an answer nevertheless it might be simpler to deal with these problems at its root cause. There have been many awareness campaigns done for such issues, and websites are commonly needed to spread the word faster. Using blogger templates for your website attracts more people to read about the situation. Holding on to the notion that science will sooner or later create an ideal world blinds us to the fact that there are other methods of solving issues and thus may not lead us to right the many imperfections in the world today. In some instances where information is blocked through the blocking of websites such as Facebook and myspace, we can still stay abreast of information through myspace proxy. The internet gives us instant up to date information through social media and word of mouth, thus it is a great tool to the advancement of science. Singapore has one of the largest concentration of people suffering from myopia. Thanks to the fact that many of them in the country work on computers for more than 5 hours, many opt for lasik Singapore to fix their eyesight problems. Science has enabled such advancements to improve our lives, and we definitely look forward to better inventions to improve our lives. There was a patient who suffered from high astigmatism and myopia. After going for lasik surgery in Singapore, he was then able to with his new found vision.

Science can definitely be a blessing for those who use it well, and if used for the greater good, it can improve the lives of many. It inspired him to live like those in futurama, who have perfect vision as science advanced to a stage where it was possible. Being able to see without glasses allowed him to shop for bridesmaid dresses in Singapore with his girlfriend, who was about to become a bridesmaid for her best friend, who was going to get married in Singapore very soon. Science could create other issues in itself. The proliferation of nuclear weapons started out from the invention of nuclear technology. Although science itself seeks to solve problems, scientists may not have total management in the finest way their discoveries are used and the discovery of know-how may inevitably result in other problems unexpected by the discoverer. In the United Kingdom, there have been many cases of people being sold payment protection insurance at unjustified prices, or sold it when they did not need it or cover their needs. Therefore, claims abound in UK, and the good thing about it is that the success rate of getting the claims honored is very high. Science is prone to be used as a political tool to threaten other much less technologically superior countries to present in to their demands. Worse still, military science is prone to be used to wage terrible wars and cause devastating harm to denizens of the world. Many have sought after in order to delve deeper into researching and getting more information about how to overcome the daily cost of living.

These financial help has helped many smart individuals live a better life. Science is not the ultimate answer to things, and especially in topics such as getting pregnant. There have been many pregnancy miracle occurring when science was not able to get the woman to conceive, and that is one of the many exceptions. From the beginning of time, being able to conceive is an issue that many women have fretted over, and although today science is able to alleviate many of those factors, it is still not the ultimate answer. Getting pregnant is not as straightforward as something like transferring music from your ipod, whereby using software, one is able to transfer your music from one technological device to another. If you do not want to simply listen to music that others create and want to create your own, try out sonic producer, which is a beat production software that music lovers can use to create amazing musical beats in less than 60 minutes flat. Thanks to the advancement of technology and science, we are able to create great enjoyment products that enhance our lives. However, if used in the wrong way, science can be detrimental for humans. Thanks to the use of themes, many are able to create sites about negatives things that happened in the past, which science has contributed to. One doesn’t must look far past the current 1945 to witness the horrors that a single nuclear bomb can wreck on an entire nation. Until now, it is a global mission to stop mass destruction which is hastened by science, and many flags for sale online are used to represent that cause. Thus, stubborn faith in science would possibly result in the creation of other issues that threaten the very survival of the human race.

Pursuing an ideal world by means of science alone is myopic. Science shouldn’t be the key to true happiness in an utopia. Science can provide comfort and higher standards of dwelling however are folks truly comfortable in this modernized world? One good use of science is the creation of the log splitter It has hastened the process of log splitting for firewood, and in this sense, science has helped the community. Science just isn’t and cannot be used to fulfill Maslow’s hierarchy of needs at the highest levels. Purpose and sense of achievement is one thing that each individual should find for themselves. Sticking to science will only make the world extra materialistic and erode fundamental values of morality. To average out the effect of science, music can be used. You can learn how to play guitar though guitar scales, which are meant to give you training and help you to master the art of playing guitar easily. Dwelling in an ideal world created by science is delusional, which is why we have to take breaks often and play some music. One other example of how science helps people is through a safe. Without one, it is not hard to see how it can be dangerous in the house if you have a pistol, but you only keep it in your cupboard. Family members, especially young ones who venture into your rooms and take your pistol out to play thinking that it is a toy gun, can run into danger. If you use the telephone, you will know the type of convenience that it can bring. It is thanks to the invention of the telephone all the way back, that communication has become so easy. As with everything, there are two sides to a coin, but reverse phone lookup helps to alleviate the negative aspects. If you experience any prank calls, it helps you to find the name and address of the person. This allows you to pin point the exact person who disturbed your peace.

In conclusion, science may resolve many technical problems confronted by man on a everyday foundation but different difficult social and political points that concern the conflict of views between nations, communities and races cannot be resolved simply by science alone. For those who love science and want to study medicine which is relating to it, being a technician is a great career prospect. Due to the aging population in many parts of the world, pharmacy technicians are well in demand. Science in the end seeks an understanding of our pure world but doesn’t present insights to human relationships and interactions. If there is anyone who has a problem is getting funding for their study loan, banks are a good place to get the finances you need. Regarding science, failing to acknowledge this reality is akin to a scientist caught in his ivory tower attempting to control the world. Anarchy may ensue instead as man alienates himself from his very people. To gain better understanding of science around the world, read science news daily to keep abreast of the latest advancements in science and many more. Science post scientific web directory continues to give you the best information for science related subjects around the world.

A makeup artist is called by such a name because he/she uses a client’s face as a medium to transform or enhance the appearance. Sometimes a makeup artist is also called a beautician, a makeup stylist, and a cosmetologist, but most people in this profession specialize only in makeup, although a few others are skilled in other services such as nails, facial or hair.

The application of makeup is not a new trend, but traces its roots to the ancient world. You could say that the art of applying a cosmetic is one of the oldest professions in the world.

Makeup Services You Should Expect

A professional makeup artist is usually a member of a team of beauty experts that includes hairdressers and nail artists, and all of them have studied their respective fields. They are employed by an individual, a company (like a beauty salon), or they could also work as freelance makeup artists. Others also work as editors, columnists, and consultants in beauty magazines and companies. Most of them also have professional certificates and some even go on to make beauty products of their own. The field is so demanding that beauty and styling schools are not uncommon these days, because the clients not only include performers, but are made up mostly of regular people.

The best makeup artist in Singapore can transform the canvas (in this case the human body) into a desired character within a specific timeframe. He/she must be skilled in various styling skills such as the techniques in makeup application, the different types and tones of skin, and even the reaction of chemicals on the client’s skin. They are also expected to know all the makeup products available in Singapore as well as keep their makeup tools clean and in good working condition.

Some special services you can avail from a makeup stylist include the following:

Light Bending. This skill is needed to make the makeup work in different lighting conditions and settings.
High Definition. This makeup technique is used to make high fashion makeup work for everyday makeup. The products used are usually considered high grade and give a natural look without using too much makeup.
High Fashion. This type of makeup service is used in photo shoots for magazines. They will work closely with the photographers and other stylists while taking into consideration the location, climate, and time of the photo shoot.
Airbrushing. This is the technique used to cover tattoos, imperfections, and other skin blemishes with makeup.
Theatrical. This type of makeup is employed in movies and stage performances. They are expected to be present throughout the performance.
Special Effects. Beauticians in this field work in photo shoots and movie sets along with the production crew.
Prosthetics. Like special effects makeup, the beautician who specializes in prosthetics will work as part of the production team to transform the appearance of actors or models.

Makeup Techniques Used by Stylists

Look for the following skills when choosing a makeup artist to style you on important events:

• Accurate assessment of a client’s skin such as the sensitivity, condition, and coloring
• Mastery in type of makeup appropriate for a client’s skin
• Mastery of the color principles, such as the skin color and undertones
• Mastery of the bone structure to determine where to apply and the effects of the makeup
• Preparation of the skin before applying makeup such as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing
• Mastery of the application of foundation, eyebrow liner, eye shadow, bush, and lip color
• Alteration of makeup for evening, casual, work, and other looks
• Makeup application for special needs such as high fashion, theatrical productions, indoor/outdoor events, and bright and low light settings
• Makeup touch-ups for different lighting conditions
• Skilled in the use of various tools

Professional Tips during a Makeup Session

Hiring a professional makeup artist in Singapore is expensive, but before you complain about the price, remember that most of these beauticians are usually independent contractors and use materials that were bought from their own pockets. Consider the years of training as well and the expertise they bring with them during your bridal makeup for example.

So, to help make the experience more fun for both yourself and the makeup stylist, keep in mind the following things:

Prepare your face and skin. If you’re preparing for a big event, like your wedding, you should prepare yourself weeks before the makeup. Don’t forget to get a facial, moisturize, eat healthy food and exercise, drink enough water, and ensure that your face is always clean so that the application of the makeup goes smoother.

Clean your face before the makeup session. It’s easy to be tempted to apply makeup, but try not to apply anything on your face because the makeup artist will prefer to start on a clean, fresh canvas. There is no need to apply foundation and primer because the beautician can do it for you.

Let the stylist concentrate. While it’s nice to chat during a long session, most artists prefer to concentrate on the task in silence especially during the application of details. If there is something you want to change or improve, it’s also helpful to speak up, but be clear about what you expect before he/she starts applying the makeup.

Agree on the touchups. For big events like a wedding, you should talk to your makeup stylist about touch-ups especially during breaks or wardrobe changes.

Be realistic about your expectations. Even with the skills of a pro, remember that the makeup stylist will be working on what is already on the canvas—your face. Don’t demand that you must look like your favorite actor/actress, because you don’t have to look like anyone’s copy.

Always leave a tip. Professional styling is a skill that demands expertise in various fields, time, and effort, so remember that an extra reward for all that hard work will be appreciated.

Every people deal with anger differently. Some are easily provoked and tend to be violent while some are good enough to keep their anger minimal and under control. If in this case you are the type of person that is easily provoked and tends to be violent, you should seriously think about anger management. Anger management should be considered so that you will know how you can keep it under control. Failure to address your anger issues will lead to serious things in the future. Here are ways you can deal with your anger and control it:

Be attentive of warning signs. You of all people know when you are angry. You should pay attention to your warning signs so that you can control it. Anger is a physical response that goes along with physical manifestations like pounding heart, apprehensive, breathing faster, headaches, etc. Once you feel that you will burst out, find in your heart to avoid people, places and situations that can further aggravate it.

Take time to cool down. If you feel that you are about to fume, you should consider cooling down techniques like counting, massaging or stretching and exercising. Sometimes counting 1 to 10 and breathing deeply can help you. Stretching or massaging can help calm and relax the body. Exercising will distract you and make you busy.

Keep calm and express yourself. After doing cooling down techniques, you should express why you are on the verge of anger. This is good because other people around you will know thereby avoiding such circumstance or situation.

Think before you speak or act. Thinking before speaking or acting is important. Sometimes when you are too angry, you do or speak demeaning things. When you are in the right mind, you regret it whatever it is that you have done. Regrets can be avoided if you think first.

Many people can go about their life without drinking water. They never think about the health benefits of water. Drinking a lot of water every day is vital in your body therefore you should at least know what it can do. Here are some reasons you can consider to convince yourself that water is really important in the body:

It sustains the balance of body fluids

You know that your body is composed of 60% water. Bodily fluids are important because it can aid in the processes of your body like circulation, digestion, absorption, maintenance of temperature, etc. The brain will tell the kidneys how much water to let out or reserve for the bodily functions mentioned above but if it is not enough, you will feel thirsty. If you feel thirsty, drink water, milk, coffee, juice, etc. except alcohol.

It invigorates muscles

Drinking plenty of water during exercise is essential because when you do a strenuous activity, electrolytes shrink. If that is the case, there is a tendency that you will suffer muscle fatigue, soreness and inflammation. Hydrating will help the electrolytes.

It can keep the skin looking good

Dehydration will make it dry and creased so the best thing to do is drink a lot of water. Don’t worry because the kidneys will send out the excess fluids.

It can assist the kidneys

You cannot be sure of the foods you eat because there are times that you will eat what is considered “poison”. By drinking plenty, you are helping the kidney get rid of these “poison”. If you notice that your urine is light and odourless, it is a good sign.

Techies beware: a new gadget is expected to cause clamour in the tech market with its unique dual-sided screen feature, the YotaPhone. Yota Devices, a Russian telecom, announced its first dual sided screen smartphone, which also features a 12 MP camera and runs on an Android OS.

Specifications and Features

Weighing 4.9 ounces, the Yotaphone has two 4.3 inches screens. On one side, higher resolution of LCD screen and on the other side with E-ink display. The android 4.2 OS supports thousands of applications available in the market, which makes it equally interesting with other Android-operated handsets.

Aside from that, it works on Snapdragon S4 processor, like other high-end smartphones like the Windows Phone 8. Moreover, the 12 megapixel camera makes the YotaPhone superior to some of the most popular handsets today, including Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S3. The phone comes in 64GB and 32GB storage capacities with 2 GB RAM.


There are so many advantages with YotaPhone. The first one is the embedded E-ink display feature, which is good for battery conservation and lesser eye strains. The LCD screen also enhances the colour display of objects from the E-ink screen just by flipping the phone to make the photo appear on the other side. Moreover, this smartphone features capacitive touchscreens that respond to the even very light touch. Its top-of-the-line camera is, of course, another very enticing feature.

Pricing and Launch

YotaPhone is set to be launched on the 3rd quarter of 2013 and expected to cost around $400 to $500, according to sources. If the price would really fall within the given range, it would probably be the best handset of its price.

For business moguls such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, and Richard Branson, the road towards attaining success in the business industry is rocky, full of ups and downs. Uncertainties which the future holds will always try to cloud our vision. Yet, never losing trust in your leadership and in the people around you is of the greatest essence to achieving success.

1. Hold firm to your vision, purpose and values. Vision is what you want your company to become someday. Purpose is the reason why you created the company, aside from generating money. Values are the principles and standards your company is committed to carry out.

2. Know yourself as a leader. It is very important that you are certain of the leadership style that you have. It helps you and the people around you to identify how you will be able to achieve your goals harmoniously.

3. Evaluate yourself. Take note of how have you been as a leader, manager or owner of the business. Assess if your leadership style is effective in building camaraderie among your constituents.

4. Encourage creativity and innovation. No business is static, and therefore you need to let everyone’s imagination run wild. It is also healthy for the company if your employees are happy working for you.  When there is an energetic and happy atmosphere, it can be evident when you walk the halls.

5. Complement the talents and skills of your team. It is always helpful to figure out in what aspects does your team fall short, but instead of complaining about them, do something to keep the balance. You can hire some people to suit your needs or train your current staff and watch them improve right before your very eyes.

When you go for shared web hosting in Singapore, you are not told about the amount of RAM and the processing speed you will get. Also the resources that are available at one’s disposal in shared web hosting are lesser than one gets with VPS/dedicated web hosting. Unless one requires full root access, shared Singapore web hosting is perhaps the most ideal and most cost effecting way of having an online presence. This suits both the website owners as well as the web host as all the resources of a server get divided among sites as per their requirement and the owners, instead of having to pay for the whole server now pay only a fraction of its cost or fees. For example, the cost of the web hosting server gets divided by 300 (or as many sites are there to use the resources of the server) to make the charges extremely affordable and down to earth.

This is like sharing a flat by many persons when taking it on rent. Now instead of a single person paying the rent, the rent gets divided by the number of people making use of it as all of them get a chance to use the resources of the flat. What a cool way to save more and spend less for online web hosting in Singapore, this is the fruit of research and development in server environments.

If safety and security of your data and other information is very important and you remain worried about its leakage to your competitors in Singapore, you must see to it that data remains protected and its safety and security is not compromised at any cost if you are using online accounting software. Many people buy online Singapore accounting software to manage accounting but repent later only to find that the system is not a perfect foil for their peculiar requirement. Insist on getting online accounting software that has been customized and personalized to be tailor made for your business requirements. Also insist on a training period so that your staff can learn to operate the system smoothly and without any help.

Last, but not the least, check on after sales service and backup support. What happens when there is a snag and your company is stuck waiting for the problem to be removed? Is the vendor approachable on phone or email? Only after getting clear answers on all these points should you finalize the accounting software in Singapore.

To secure finances for your business plan keep the following guidelines in mind:

1. Have a vision: Write your business plan in such a manner that truly reflect what you are planning to do in the future & what you are expecting to get from it. Before you start going into all the niity gritties of a business give people something where they can actually visualize the future of your business.
2. Have a sound but realistic budget & forecast: Make a sound budget & financial forecasts after thoroughly studying market conditions, economic scenarios, factors which can affect the business in future etc.
3. Be prepared to take risks: Be prepared to risks if necessary but unnecessary risk taking must be avoided.
4. Get another view: Even the most experienced business people can benefit from opinions of other people. So don’t be shy in asking people who understands these things about their opinion.
5. Write some unique thing in your business plan: try to write things in your business plan which will set you apart from others. But don’t go overboard with them.
6. Stick to the plan: No matter what happens stick to your plan but be flexible to make adjustments at the same time.
Type of finances for a business can be external or internal. External finance for the business is generated from outside the business (e.g. business loan) & internal finance is generated from within the business itself (e.g. cash from sales). There can also be short term, medium term & long term finances for a business. One has to decide which type of finance is required for his business & make plans accordingly.

Financial structure or capital structure of a company is a mix of types of debts & equities the company has at any point of time. It is shown on a balance sheet. A company balance sheet must clearly show the debts the company owes to others & also the sources of revenues the company has generated in a particular financial period. In order to create an accurate financial structure examine all incomes, financial statements & review them carefully. Take all the income figures, add them up & put them in the plus column. Now add any other income connected with the business with this figure. Now take expenses & put them in individual categories such as debts, payroll, marketing, overhead, equipment etc. Now tally up these expenses & put them in the minus column. Now tally the pluses & minuses to see if your business is earning profit or making losses. An accurate financial structure will also help in formulating business future business strategies apart from securing finances for the business. An accurate financial structure will also let you know about the financial health of the business so that you can take necessary corrective measures in that regard.

was based during the colonial period in Singapore when it was under the British rule; and what better place to shoot the movie than the place in which it was set. But the movie which brought Singapore to the limelight as one of the happening places to shoot Hollywood movies was Saint Jack. Based on the novel by the same name by Paul Theroux, it is directed by American Peter Bogdanovich depicting the life of a pimp in Singapore. However some of the places where the movie was shot like the Empress Place hawker centre is now no more and was demolished a few years after the completion of the movie.

Movies like King Rat and Paradise Road belong to the genre of war movies which was based on the aftermath of the Second World War. King Rat talks of the plight of the prisoners of war who were of European origin and were held in the prison camps of Malaysia, in the middle of the tropical forests braving the incessant rain, mosquitoes and other tropical diseases. Singapore offered the perfect setting because of the similarity in geographical features and climatic conditions of the other Southeast Asian countries which were not accessible to the Hollywood production houses. With a subtropical rainforest climate with high humidity and abundant amount of rainfall, it was not difficult for the film makers to convince the viewers back home that the forests of Singapore were not the forests of Vietnam, Malaysia or Sumatra. Movies like Rogue Trader highlight the metropolitan life of Singapore and what the city has to offer to the high society people – gambling, the vibrant night life and the suave culture.

It is no doubt that Singapore has established itself as a major centre of attraction for Hollywood biggies and in the years to come by it is just going to get more popular with a steady increase in the demand for movies which brags of exotic scenery.